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Do you offer monthly billing with a paper invoice? Yes. This billing option is available for an additional cost along with the signing of a service agreement. Does the account holder pay for all
Can I use my codes and dial in numbers multiple times? YES. You can use your codes and numbers as many times as you like, whenever the need arises without the need to sign up for new code again.
How do I start a call? You will have everyone call the toll free or local number you received on your confirmation. The participants will enter the code that you received in your confirmation does not require our customers to sign a contract in order to start a new audio conference call account. It’s easy to start a new account and start using our audio conference call services, all you have to do is fill out our online form and you can begin enjoying your discount audio conference call rates immediately.
We offer a reservationless service for customers to log onto our website, enter their information and they can begin making corporate or any business conference calling, all at a discount compared with other online conference calling solution companies.
Many businesses have a phone system that is capable of making conference calls, however they don’t have the luxury of all the extra features a conference call company has to offer. When you choose a professional conference call provider you will save a substantial amount of time organizing your calls, and have more control over your call.
Our conference call services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use our conference call services anytime you wish without notifying us.
We are the number one discount conference calling provider because we provide affordable calling solutions in a secure manner nationwide. Our 20 years of industry experience has given us a competitive advantage over other conference calling providers.
Become a member today and you’ll benefit from a flat rate that will remain fixed for all of your calls. We are proud to provide discount and flat rate fees for all your reservationless conference calls.
We know that you don’t want to pay extra in long distance charges for outbound conference calls. That why we provide toll-free numbers so each participant may join the conference without being charged extra for long distance charges.
Within seconds after creating your new conference calling account you’ll receive an email with the phone number and participant entry code to call. Once you receive this email you can start making conference calls immediately.
You control who has access to your reservationless conference call. All you have to do is provide the participant with the phone number to dial in on and the participant entry code.
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"The system works very well every time. Customer service has been exceptional!"

John Mawbey
Glenroy, Inc.

"I am very happy with the service. We host a call about once a month. I have never had a technical problem. Customer service has always been excellent."

Dee Sweeney
Chair of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians