Have you ever been on a conference call with a client and suddenly realized that you've been talking to dead air?

Talk button for conference calls

That can happen if the service you use experiences a high rate of dropped calls. If your current provider relies on Voice Over IP (VOIP) to connect your calls, this is only one of the challenges you probably face. Line static and lost communication packets can also mangle a business conversation or result in misunderstandings.

Because our infrastructure is NOT Internet-based, we can help you minimize the odds of having dropped calls.

Here are some other benefits to using landline-based conference services like ours for your business communications:

  • More Features
  • Better Sound Quality
  • More Reliable Service (including fewer dropped calls)
  • Exceptional Customer Service
2.9 ¢ / MINUTE
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"The system works very well every time. Customer service has been exceptional!"

John Mawbey
Glenroy, Inc.

"I am very happy with the service. We host a call about once a month. I have never had a technical problem. Customer service has always been excellent."

Dee Sweeney
Chair of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians